appImage support in Trisquel 8?

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is Trisquel 8 going to explicitly support appImages?
for the sake of clarity I am talking about this:

Trisquel 7 does support it (I tested it) but I could not find any talks about appImages on these forums so I am not sure that Trisquel developers know about appImage packaging format :)

more specifically, I'd like to know if Trisquel 8 will give appImage files permission to be executed as a program by default?
Trisquel 7 does not do it but Ubuntu MINT 16.04 does it and it seems rather convenient to me,
for example I was able to boot Ubuntu from USB stick on computer (that has windows installed on it), downloaded appImage of LibreOffice and double-click it to run it, despite the fact that appImage file was on NTFS partition
(NTFS does not support linux permissions for files so file has to be on ext or other "native to linux" partition to change these permissions)

also is there a way to set Trisqul 7 (and 8) so that it will give "run as application" permission to appImage files by default?

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I think the idea of Appimage is that it sort of should work regardless of whether @quidam cares about it. And since Trisquel is sort of Ubuntu-libre, expect it to eeither work in the live session or at the very least for the packages to enable it to be available in the repos anyway

As for NTFS, this is a really long shot but maybe, *just maybe* (won't be surprised to be wrong though), Ubuntu does something to the efffect of ?