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Does anyone have recommendations for a bookmark manager or reading list manager? Something local/offline would be just fine. I currently use pinboard, but I'm gradually moving away from SaaSS and other non-Free softwares.

I generally like to maintain a list of articles and pages that I intend to check out later, but simply don't have the time to read right now. A one-click storage option would be nice. I rarely keep real bookmarks for any serious amount of time (and my browser should handle that just fine).


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For bookmarks I use Abrowser's bookmark feature; and for saving pages
for off-line or whatever I use
ScrapBook [1].


I use: | | | | | | | | | | |


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What I usually do is print articles to a PDF to read later. That way if I don't have net access I can still catch up on reading. Simply just use the Print to File option in Abrowser.

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You can use Zotero addon for Abrowser to save web pages for research etc:

Gnome Web (epiphany) is coming up with some interesting designs to address the same use-case: