Changing the default Trisquel desktop interface?

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I particularly liked the desktop interface displayed in the Bluefish tutorial video.

How would I install this desktop interface?

Are there any other minimalistic desktop interfaces with anti-aliased geometry?

The removal of unnecessary data from the current interactive context is what we need to evolve towards. Put another way; we need to encapsulate complexity not only in code; but also in the user experience.

I don't need to see the Trisquel menu icon, home icon, browser icon, applications running, communications icon, battery icon, Bluetooth icon, network icon, sound icon, date and time text, or even the outstanding show desktop icon.

My current context is posting to the Trisquel Users Forum. All I'm concerned about is the spelling and the grammatical structure.

If I need to accomplish something else; like configuring the sound card; why not simply create a new context space; before accessing "Configure Sound" through a pre-learned text-command; system-menu or keyboard chord.

When creating a new context; there is nothing but empty space; either black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet; depending on the current colour theme.

The point is to somehow intelligently hide all irrelevant pixels; that are not relevant to the current user task; and to progressively teach the user; through varying degrees of complexity; on how to interact with the computer; when wanting to complete a specific user task.

Put another way; there should be user-interface stabilizers for new computer users; with the encouragement of hiding pixels early on in the computer learning experience. If you need the assistance of stabilizers; you know which button to press for extra pixelated guidance; but aim to reduce unnecessary pixels; with all development focused on improving the contextual experience.

Just airing my thoughts.

Stay Voluntary,

PS: Just so you know; the minimalistic desktop wallpaper attached to this post; is incredibly busy and distracting.

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> I particularly liked the desktop interface displayed in the Bluefish
> tutorial video.

What you see in that video is Gnome Shell [1].

Take note that you need 3D acceleration for Gnome Shell to work.

> How would I install this desktop interface?

You need to install "gnome-shell" and "gnome-session". Run this in a
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell gnome-session

There are a few threads on installing Gnome Shell on the forum. If
you're getting stuck, see if one of the others possibly have a solution.



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I am a translator!

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I forgot to add. You can make the interface even cleaner by using the
Panel Settings extensions [1]. I used that to hide the toolbar/panel at
the top. So now your desktop is nothing but a wallpaper and the open
applications. If you need to see the time, or search for an application,
or whatever else, you just open Overview mode and do what you need to.


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Hi wulgulmerang,

You can read the following thread in Trisquel forum, which has information on how to use GNOME Shell: