Do Amazon Kindle Screens have controller boards?

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I wonder if amazon sells the Kindle Oasis with lockscreen ads at a loss. Even if they lost a dollar on it, I would gladly take out the screen and get a controller board for it and spend more money on hardware that I can trust while burdening the vendors of hardware I don't trust.

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I am not sure what a controller board is exactly. The inkplate10 claims to have the microcontroller included already with the Kindle screen. I think they get the screens from a recycling supplier in a large order. I have an inkplate10, I just don't know what to do with it.

If you are looking for a e-ink tablet without proprietary software, you might be able to mod the remarkable tablet:

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I recommend start a boycott against Amazon

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Perhaps try a used Kobo ereader. There's a mostly free OS for it: You can just remove the wifi firmware. The EPD controller firmware isn't actually software as far as I can tell so some people may feel comfortable with it.