EMACS Wizard

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Title : Emacs Wizard
Original : Pinball Wizard
Group : The Who
Author : ?
Intro : Complete with formatting and all :-)
Song :




Ever since I was a young boy\\
I've played with each O.S.\\
>From Unix down to Kronos \\
I've crashed them I confess\\
But I ain't seen nothing like him\\
Not even in VMS\\
That set-mark and bind kid\\
Sure strokes a mean Emacs.

He sits there never blinking\\
Becomes part of the machine\\
Controls with either pinkie\\
A virtual typing stream\\
He optimizes keystrokes\\
Swamps your Microvax\\
That set-mark and bind kid\\
Sure strokes a mean Emacs.

He's an Emacs wizard \\
Without a binding list\\
An Emacs wizard \\
s' got such a calloused wrist.

How do you think he does it? I don't know!\\
What makes him so good?

He ain't got no distractions\\
He refuses warning bells\\
He heeds no cursor flashing\\
Plays by sense of smell\\
He never needs to undo\\
Knows all of Stallman's hacks\\
That set-mark and bind kid\\
Sure strokes a mean Emacs.

I thought I was \\
The keyboard-macro kid\\
But I just handed\\
My Emacs crown to him.

Even my usual bindings\\
He prefixed all my best\\
His disciples feed him Coke\\
And he just does the rest\\
He's got super-meta-fingers\\
Never hits the cracks\\
That set-mark and bind kid\\
Sure strokes a mean Emacs.


Found here: https://web.archive.org/web/19970329133553/http://web.shorty.com:80/geeks/96/sep/msg00154.html

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a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, i rewrote all the lyrics to two eminem songs about free software.

i dont have a copy anymore, so heres a taste:

ive created a monster
cause nobody downloads gnu anymore
they want "linux" im chopped liver
well if you want linux this is what ill give ya
a little gcc, and the gnu debugger

when microsofts not the boss of what youre picking
and floss stops the cost of your cpu ticking
its "practical" you think youre advocating
but your sponsors softwares user-subjugating


well this looks like a job for me
so everybody, press lots of keys
cause we need a little, software thats free
it would be so non-free without me


(and the ending)

gnus not unix, gnus not "linux"
gnus not unix, gnu is free

there were some other gems in there, but you get the idea. it was inspired by the ridiculous notion that open source is more polite because its more reasonable because its less demanding because it actually stands for quite a lot less than free software does. lots of conflating and equivocation and that sort of thing.

they were trying to make stallman seem unreasonable this way, so i thought "some people like unreasonable anyway. lets just make him eminem." i think eulas are extremely unreasonable, so people lose me when they tell me to accept eulas. or let vendors force updates on their schedule instead of mine.

or try to take over my computing in general whether i like it or not, and then tell me i have "no choice" (which im sad to say, happens even in the free software world, though only under extreme and rare and very unreasonable circumstances-- and from people who clearly dont care about software freedom but still use our licenses or compatible licenses for strategic reasons.)

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Your free-flowing rhyme style got me nodding repeatedly.

you're a true M-c (ha, the command does even exist: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-the-emacs-editor-in-linux).

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nice one. and thanks. though honestly if i had to use emacs or vim, i would still use nano or even the python repl over those. in the gui i use leafpad and i adore it. for a term, i generally prefer xterm over anything else. and 3 of those is generally enough, but i frequently open and close one more-- most often to run /opt/icecat/icecat &exit. why not ln -s to something in my path? (it just never comes up?) i have a menu on my panel, but its never been used. poweroff to shutdown; pm-suspend for what that does.

in dos, everything opened very quickly and closed very quickly, and thats my workflow. ctrl-alt-t-t-t ive got 3 term windows. ctrl-d-d-d and they close. buffers confuse me (the implementation, not the concept) and the emacs shortcuts confuse most mortals, though as an operating system emacs is second to none. i did try vim once, but i didnt inhale.

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I'm by no means a programmer, but I fell in love with modal editing, and also with org-agenda. So I love evil-mode of course.

The only problem is setting it up the way I want to (but usually it's only once),
and also the sometimes accidental command that did something wrong, while not knowing much about the problem caused and the command that did it sometimes (hopefully solved by learning a bit mor vim basics, and maybe blocking most emacs commands).
And that's in GUI.

From the CLI, anything is fine, though it seems urxvt is great, but I don't even know why, so...

I used sudo poweroff as well a lot, but now often I use the menu from the panel. it's a bit faster (no passphrase to input with errors at least twice in a row when I'm in a hurry).

In dos ? Ah, you mean that thing at the boot sequence, or in tty?

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"I used sudo poweroff as well a lot, but now often I use the menu from the panel. it's a bit faster (no passphrase to input with errors at least twice in a row when I'm in a hurry)."

so as long as ive used it, ive preferred the debian/sudo way of doing things (but i keep a root window open and lock the screen as well.) but in the puppy community-- i learned a lot from puppy around 2006 or so, that was the early days before i tried trisquel-- they love "everything is root." i think thats crazy but they like it.

so when i was trying to make an updated puppy based on debian, i thought about the "everything as root" matter.

[normal debian setup]

[icewm desktop running normal debian way]

[pcmanfm desktop run via rc.local as root-- waits until desktop is running]


heres what that does: everything gui is standard configuration, except pcmanfm is running as root. i call this "root desktop" and every icon runs as root. you click an icon, its like puppy. you use the icewm menu? its not root, its normal. only pcmanfm is different, because it runs from rc.local.

this is puppys concept of userfriendly. i find it kind of addictive.

unprofessional? unsafe? ok, so remove or rename one script and the desktop wont run again. kill one process and it will stop running immediately. no more root desktop, just standard debian.

meanwhile any time i need a root term: just click the icon.

"In dos ? Ah, you mean that thing at the boot sequence, or in tty?"

no i mean many years ago, when i actually used dos. though your assumption about what i meant was perfectly reasonable.

in my current setup, root desktop is broken incidentally. i migrated from github and changed base distributions in the same month, i think the breakage is from needing a "/" for a path that "find" doesnt crawl without because symlink. too busy with other stuff to worry about it.

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I see. Well, this method is more on the comfort side than on the safety side.

I don't see how it's usefull really. Sure, sudo [file manager] isn't good practice, but it's fast enough to type, and I rarely use it (specially since sudo nano path/I/copied/fromnonrootfilemanager is another quick option).