first time no auto login on reddit

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I may be missing something. And obviously I believe I'm missing something to take into consideration. But after setting up everything and booting with GNUboot, it's the first time on a new config I'm not getting auto-logged-in on reddit.

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This may be because the old mac address did not get saved in the transfer from setting up gnuboot. I am wondering how I would do that with gnuboot, as the documentation does not exist for ich9utils on the gnuboot site and Leah does not support it anymore neither.


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It is there:

I don't have it now with me but I remember that the dd command in the README is not the same like the command in the website, I don't know which one is correct.

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The issue described doesn't relate to the MAC address. Since MAC addresses operate within local networks and aren't used by websites like Reddit to manage logins, the problem likely lies elsewhere. A more plausible cause could be browser-related, such as cookie or session management issues.