Free 3D MMORPG? Ryzom is not fully free. I played WoW for many years… and I want to replace this ******* game with free MMORPG.

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I want to download MMORPG. I will reinstall Trisquel after some months. I will play World of Warcraft (sad, but true — I have some addiction) for some months, but I will NEVER play WoW after this, so I need free 3D MMORPG. Ryzom is bad. I saw FSF message: "world is non-free. Only small test world available".
P. S. I played WoW (World of Warcraft) many years. It is a drug… but I want to completely finish addiction and play ONLY free games.
P. P. S. I can finish playing WoW after some weeks, not months. :)

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Consult the libre game wiki:
I haven't looked on that website for a while but I hope it helps.

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You're such an insane ideologue and zealot. Would it hurt to think about actual reasons to be opposed to things, and maybe choose not to oppose perfectly benign things from time to time?

Ryzom is entirely libre. Not only has the client code (the only code that would run on your computer) been released, even the server code has been released, and all of the game's media has been released, all under libre licenses. Ryzom is the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to ethics!

What you are referring to is that the official Ryzom server's world has not been released at all. There is nothing wrong with this, and I don't understand why you think there is. I have a backup script that I haven't released to anyone, though I have released a generic variant. Minetest servers don't spit out full-fledged copies of the server's world to all connecting clients. Et cetera.

The only real problem Ryzom has (other than being a pretty mediocre game), though this is a big one that stops me from playing it, is that the GNU/Linux binary they provide is way out of date and 32-bit only, and I wasn't able to get it to work last time I tried; and the source code is difficult to compile. But this is not a problem of ethics.

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World? But this means it does not honor freedom. And I thinking "Play or not?". And previous versions code is (maybe) not released.
P. S. Are there any editor to build my own world? I think I can setup my own server.

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Please do not dislike. Blizzard are drug sellers. I am an one of millions of targets.
I'm searching ways to get WoW source code, but I have only Wow.exe invalid code. I want to create FreeWoW.

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Dear Stas, did you look at my link to the libre game wiki? I think you might find something similar to what you are looking for.
P.S., I would live to call you my dear Star in my eye. I think you are very alluring. Hugs and kisses, babe.


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I don't see that happening. Blizzard is notorious for using DRM and being very protective over proprietary code.

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If you can live with 2D, I like to hang out on the Mana World. It is pretty nice and seems to meet your requirements.