Free software to create a bootable multiple-ISOs USB?

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Hi everyone

I have used Trisquel for a few months and now I want to backup the OS partition using CloneZilla.

As mentioned in the title, I need to create a bootable USB that includes multiple ISOs, in my case CloneZilla and GParted. I used to use MultiSystem as suggested on Pendrivelinux before I realize it's non-free. The other programs I found only works on Windows/Wine.

What software do you suggest? Thanks in advance.
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I haven't actually used any such program, even though I've been meaning to look into it (than you for reminding me!), so I can't vouch for any particular program. However, MultiBootUSB seems decent. It's GPLv2- the source and licence are at I'll see if I can try it later.

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no man, Multisystem is free software under the GPLv3. Read page 15 (the last one). It suggests non-free software, but while you don't use that section, there's no problem.
There is also YUMI, which is for winsucks, but in the website it says that it works via wine (I haven't test it)