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Does anyone here have any experience with Freedombox?

I watched the demonstration of it recently and I'm wondering about how the VPN option works with it.

If, for example, I set up a VPN on my own freedombox and route all my traffic through tor at home and I connect to it on my android phone at a public wifi point at McDonald's - what information could google via android, and mcdonald's and its third parties, see?

I'm new to the privacy/security game and would love clarification on this.

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Like with any encrypted VPN, MacDonald's should only see encrypted traffic towards the VPN and the site you connect to believes it is in contact with the VPN.

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So you would want to connect remotely to your home computer (which would itself be connected through a VPN and the Tor browser), with your Android phone, is that right?

I never tried it, nor am I knowledgeable on this yet (I suppose it's through SSL). But the weaker link here would be your Android phone. I'm thinking of the Samsung backdoor for example.
Though it would definitely beat no security/privacy at all.

Why not use Orbot (from F-droid) instead?
That way you're communicating through Tor browser right away.