Having problems with Abrowser opening website editor.

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I'm non-techy, using Trisquel 7 & suddenly having problems with Abrowser accessing my WYSIWYG wordpress website editor (Avada theme).

Has been 100% fine for the last two years, until suddenly 3 days ago (??) when now (see pic attached) the editing boxes don't appear - its simply a blank space where they should be.

I've checked it on friends Mac/Safari & Windoze/Chrome-Firefox and it works fine – the editing boxes appear (you click on them to change the text/pics etc).

I've no idea why this is happening now, when was perfectly fine before. I imagine the text boxes are some sort of script/Java (??). Or is it something to do with horrendous new 5G changes ?? I've really no idea, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need to access the website, so I've downloaded a Firefox Tar package – but I have no idea how to load it up onto Trisquel 7 on my computer (sorry!) - so a simple ABC of how to do that would be very, very helpful.

Thanks in advance everyone. I love the Trisquel ethos & principle of open software but I'm not great on the technical side.

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Try to clear cookies and check if your add-ons interfere with wordpress site.
The firefox tar? well you just need to
$ tar xvf ./firefoxtar.tar.gz
$ cd firefox-X
$ chmod +x ./firefox
$ ./firefox &

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Hi Akito,

Thanks for the advice (sorry not got back before now, had to go away for work last 2 weeks).

I've cleared cookies/history/add-ons but has made no difference to Abrowser unfortunately.

I've tried your instructions for the Firefox Tar, but it doesn't seem to be working for me (?).
The Firefox Tar is sitting in my download files, wondering if I need to do anything with that first? Or put it somewhere else perhaps? Maybe my whole system is compromised in some way.

Seems to be discussion in forums re Icecat browser, which would be preferable as its open software. If you have the time, what would the terminal instructions be for Icecat ?

Again, thanks in advance, J

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Resolved the issue by backing up, reloading Trisq7 & updating everything - should anyone else have this sort of problem.

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If you contemplate using the WordPress web content editor, be warned
that there are many vulnerabilities, such as the ones documented here:


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Be sure that the very first step in installing WordPress is to give
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George Langford