Just trolling

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I have a Librem 5! I feel much secure now without 700$ in my wallet.
Also i've got a Nitropad with AntiEvilMaid and Whonix/Kali templates so i can surf through Tor and use Metasploit while i'm targeted in another VM.
My mom use an S2 with Replicant but she cannot IM anyone because she use Briar and everybody use Telegram.
I gave my sister an X60 with Libreboot but she said her iPhone is much better to create stories on Instagram.
I also use IOS at work (the Cisco one) what a joke!

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Briar is the future. With Briar, you can cross the town to go and talk to your friends, and spread gossips. Without Briar you have no excuse to get up and walk around.