Libre replacements for proprietary VR software

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6 years ago, another user on this forum was claiming that VR was a fad and that there was no point putting effort into developing libre software for VR. I replied:

"Edward Snowden said, in his Libreplanet talk, that the software freedom movement needs to get ahead of the curve and developing new libre applications for VR before proprietary software is developed to do the same thing ( towards the end)."

The recent announcements about the "Metaverse" by the-company-formerly-known-as-FaceBook illustrate that Snowden was - as usual - right on the money. Was anyone listening to him back then? Has there been any significant work done on libre VR software?

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They talk about "open source", so not sure about the exact software freedom status, but you are supposed to print the hardware yourself:

"We designed an affordable motherboard that runs the Relativty Firmware, it isbased on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 processor and uses an MPU-6050 as it’s IMU. The naked PCB and the components to solder on, cost in total about 25 dollars."

"Relativty is not a consumer product. We made Relativty in my bedroom with a soldering iron and a 3D printer and we expect you to do the same: build it yourself."

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I don't get why people think virtual reality is so great, in my opinion, retro should have been persued forever in this world,

Thing is, modern music sucks for video games and computers games.

I miss when games came out with soundtracks that sounded like they were from another world and had immense amounts of nostalgia.

I should also mention, the lines of reality get way more blurred when doing virtual reality or playing a game with realistic graphics.

Also, I once had xbox 360, foolishly I might add... only one game was decent and I played it way too much.

edit: because I played it so much, it did alot of harm to my mind, I am blessed to have escaped that poison.

I realize now, that I detest modern computer game graphics. I don't get why the video game market is so consumed with this realism crap.

Its just so ugly...

But I guess to each, their own... which is to say... everyone has their dislikes and likes, hates and loves, etc...

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Gaming is only one use case for VR/AR. I'm much more interested in uses like online conferencing, realtime social hangouts, education etc