live usb or not ?

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Bonjour a tous.
Suite a un don effectué auprès de la FSF, on m'a adressé une clé usb trisquel, mais impossible de booter dessus, est-ce bien une live usb ?
Si oui, qu'est-ce qui cloche ?
Si non, comment faire une live usb a partir de cette clé là ?

Merci d'avance.
Hi everyone,
After a donation that i made to the FSF, they sent me a trisquel usb key. But it is impossible to boot on it.
Question is: Is this a live USB ?
If not, how can i make one ?
If it is, what's wrong (usb is setted as the 1st device to boot from in the bios).


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> Question is: Is this a live USB ?
> If not, how can i make one ?

It is, but maybe there was an error while loading the data on it.
Replicating the exact procedure they follow is a bit complicated, (they
build it on an ext4 filesystem), but you can load it with the same
results using the more simple usb-creator tool included with Trisquel.
While running Trisquel -either installed or with the live CD-, open the
"Startup Disk Creator" ("Créateur de disque de démarrage") tool at
System>Administration, and follow the instructions.

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Ok, i'll do that.
(By now i'm on ubuntu 10.10 so already on ext4 ;-) )

Thanks !