Maintaining aging hardware

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My X200 is in pretty impressive condition, given its age and years of daily use. However a problem is developing. I notice that the charging port is becoming loose. It is not serious at the moment, but I know it will likely get worse with time.

I perform all my own maintenance on the machine, but I think messing with the charger port will be a little more invasive and I was wondering how you guys have approached the issue. I know a lot of you use old thinkpads so some of you must have encountered this already.

Any advice on how to proceed with fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, please feel free to use this thread to discuss maintaining older hardware. I think it's a worthwhile conversation to have.

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You could try substituting the port, but it is a very hard operation; you should also consider that a x200 charging port is not very common in the market. It is also possible to fix the port.
Check out this link: