Marble and Gnome maps

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Since Marble and Gnome maps were mentioned, I decided to try them.

In Trisquel repository, there are two versions of Marble, one with KDE, one with Qt. On my Trisquel in French, the Qt version is fully in English. I can deal with that but it is not a good incentive for people to adopt something new to them. The KDE version has translated menus but many things inside remain in English. I don't know whether there is a way to improve that.

About search: looking at the help, I tried to type a city name and indeed it is found. As I try a full address, nothing is found, although the same address works in the web interface. Does anyone know how to type an address so that it is found? Is anyone able to search for addresses (at least the ones that are found in the web version)? I can search for a route by selecting points on the map though, but directions are in English.

Gnome maps is fully translated and the search for addresses kind of works (I am saying "kind of" because it is still a bit more difficult than with the web interface) and directions are translated too.

However, on the web interface, there is the choice between OSRM and GraphHopper and they often give totally different results, especially for bicycle routes. On one search, Marble gives the same result like OSRM while Gnome maps give the same result like GraphHopper. Is there a way to select between the two in Marble or in Gnome maps?

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> Is there a way to select between the two in Marble or in Gnome maps?

None that I am aware of in the Gnome maps version which comes with Trisquel 9. The routing panel has indeed a link to

I have not been using Marble for quite a while now, but I am sure there were several options for route calculation. You should be able to find them in the 'settings' menu. I would rather not install it on top of MATE because of all the KDE extras that come with it, but it was much more satisfying than the Gnome utility was at the time.

Both seem to be in active development now, though, so it might only be a matter of time before extra routing options are added to Gnome maps.