Minitube Requires Proprietary JavaScript & gtk-youtube-viewer with youtube-dl

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Hello! I'm hoping I put this in the right place... It has come to my attention that Minitube, which is in the Trisquel repositories. The program itself does not contain it, but it requires you to get a Google API key, the registration for which requires the use of proprietary JavaScript. I believe it should be removed for this reason, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinions.

In the mean time, there is an alternative: gtk-youtube-viewer
There is some controversy surrounding the license, though. It's under the Artistic License v2, which is FSF approved, but is not approved by the Debian Foundation. The issue with this is that it requires the use of youtube-dl, so I decided to fix that. This isn't a great fix... But it works for now.

Run the following:
chmod a+x ./
sh ./
rm ./

What this basically does is it installs avideo (the libre alternative to youtube-dl) in the same directory youtube-viewer looks for it. I've also removed the youtube-dl requirement from the Debian package it installs, as it looks for something installed through the package manager, not something manually installed.

Please tell me if you have problems with the script or installation. If someone could do this in a cleaner way, that would be great. It's just a janky fix I made during English class.

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Ugh, I meant to title the thread "without youtube-dl"
My bad...


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>In the mean time, there is an alternative: gtk-youtube-viewer

There's also mps-youtube, an excellent cli application


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I use youtube-viewer, which uses wget.

But you can keep using youtube-dl based stuff. avideo will hijack any request for youtube-dl, so you won't be executing JS in the background.