most libre version of devuan there is (except gnuinos)

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gnuinos doesnt seem to be updated in a very long time, i would check if it is abandoned. i used to use it. there is no gnuinos (that i know of) for devuan 2 (ascii).

mkdlibre 0.2 removes non-free firmware from refracta and devuan ascii live.

to remove it from devuan live:

1. it downloads and mounts the iso
2. then unsquashes the filesystem
3. removes the files from /firmware in the filesystem
4. it chroots to remove the installed firmware from the installation
5. which changes the initrd, which it copies to the newiso folder
6. where it makes the new filesystem and creates a relatively libre bootable iso

by relatively libre, im pretty sure it completely cleans devuan live.

thats the sort of move that distro-libre is supposed to inspire. it also removes systemd from trisquel live and debian live.

devuan claims to be the next debian, but (except for init freedom, which i think is important from an eee standpoint) devuan has moved away from debians clean isos towards one that has non-free components. there could be a libre devuan at some point, but i doubt it will exist in the next year.

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Have you heard about the distro "heads"? It aims to be an alternative to Tails - a live system (not sure if it can be installed) based on Devuan Beowulf, routing all traffic through the Tor network and following the guidelines of the FSF. According to their site, "init system is sysvinit combined with OpenRC".

Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since March (version 0.4). Let's hope there will be a fresh release soon.

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been working on the repository of gnuinos and also on the integration
of debian-installer in the live-sdk, the simple distro build system
aimed at creating live images. Actually, the repository of gnuinos is a
complete repository built with amprolla: an apt repository merger
written in python.

Thanks to amprolla, i replaced the stock kernel of debian by
linux-libre-4.9 (i also packaged linux-libre-4.18, but it's not
available in the repo yet). I also replaced the mozilla firefox web
browser by gnu icecat.

Here you are the list of the repositories:

deb ascii main
deb-src ascii main

deb ascii-security main
deb-src ascii-security main

deb ascii-updates main
deb-src ascii-updates main

Shortly i'll share the images of gnuinos including the sources of the
live-sdk. I'm also working on a new website for gnuinos developed from scratch.


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Thanks for the link, i'll try :)