My openmailbox account getting lots of spam daily.

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I've been using mail service and getting lots of spam daily.

Do anyone have idea how to get rid of this? I've contacted service provider about this couple of times but no response.

Btw, I've just signed up to other mail service. If I can't fix the issue anyhow, I've to forgot that mail address and permanently switched to the another account.

(Note:Btw, I am not sure whether this type of discussion is allowed here or not, just tried seeing name Troll Lounge, anyway if this violates the code of conduct, I'm ready to delete. Thanks)

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You do not control openmailbox's webmail. Heavy clients usually include a spam filter (like Icedove, by default in Trisquel 8) or such a filter can be plugged in (e.g., in Evolution). Use one of those and profit from their other advantages (such as being able to read your old emails without an Internet connection). Notice that their spam filters are personal: it takes time to learn what is spam/ham for you.

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I actually have my account settings to be very permissive when it comes to spam for the reason MB mentions above. My email client (IceDove) filters spam quite effectively, and this way false positives are less likely to prevent someone from reaching me.

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Openmailbox never worked for me, I didn't receive mails.

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I am going to change my email provider as well, openmailbox never replied to any of the emails I sent them, it's like if they don't care about their users or the quality of their services.

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How can I configure my K-9 Mail App with Disroot mail?
I have a problem with outgoing mail,i couldn't find the smtp parameters for sending mails.
For incoming mails it works perfectly but is not the same for outgoing
Thanks for help

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