Need advice on how to install this piece of free software

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Hello everyone,

I am starting a YouTube channel, and require the use of two usb microphones, which is proving to be a challenge. Fortunately, I stumbled across this free software on github:

The downside is, that it seems to require PIP, which I understand is not included in the repos because it has the potential of installing non-free software. I have no intention of using non-free software.

If anyone has any advice, it would greatly be appreciated. It would be a shame to need to install a non-free distro on my other system, just so I can use this free software. I understand the principle of not including PIP, but it this case it seems it would would have an undesirable effect (forcing non-free software to use free software).

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Just search "install pip manually" on duckduckgo. There's an official pip documentation page with easy to use tools to install it on any distro with a python environment. Trisquel doesn't package it, although Guix does, so there's a legitimate dispute about its status between two FSF approved distros.