"No polkit authorization to perform the task"

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Somehow, after restarting a fresh install of nabia obout ten times, a home screen was reached, but upon attempting to
authorize access to the WiFi network with Advanced Network Configuration, the following impasse was reached:
No polkit authorization to perform the action
See https://groups.google.com/g/linux.debian.bugs.dist/c/aOzsux7liRE which explains somewhat what has not
yet been mentioned in the trisquel forum.

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This is important: the nabia installation on this Thinkpad T420 cannot be updated without Internet access.
I'll attempt the installation again by burning an ISO Live Trisquel image onto a temporarily installed DVD drive.

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Here's the status of my Thinkpad T420's installation of trisquel_10:
about twenty reboots. Never got past the login to a working operating system;
frozen panel.
Looking at the attached files from the sda1 trisquel operating system that does work
to the log files in sda6, where TQ_10 resides but doesn't work, it looks as though there
are multiple faults ...

dmesg.txt 75.98 KB
syslog.txt 38.88 KB
alternatives.log_.1.txt 2.59 KB
dpkg.log_.1.txt 222.3 KB

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I haven't read all the files but dmesg.txt shows a "general protection fault" caused by iwlwifi.

Perhaps backlisting iwlwifi could help. That needs a line "blacklist iwlwifi" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.

I am frequently doing mistakes in command line, if you don't understand everthing yourself, you may prefer to wait until someone else has checked what I wrote: boot from something that boots, and if /dev/sdaXY is the root partition on which you can't start:
$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir root
$ sudo mount /dev/sdXY /tmp/root
$ echo blacklist iwlwifi | sudo tee -a /tmp/root/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
$ sudo umount /tmp/root

and reboot.

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I am a translator!

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That looks correct to me, but there is no real need to create a new directory and rebooting unmounts:
$ sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt
$ echo blacklist iwlwifi | sudo tee -a /mnt/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

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Note to Avron & Magic Banana: This Thinkpad T420 has an Intel built-in Wifi module which has been superceded
by Think Penguin's USB-connected Wifi modules that have always worked OK. On every boot-up the same general
protection fault appears in syslog and is handled successfully. However, the suggested fix looks quite appropriate.

Applied Magic Banana's fix of Avron's blacklisting script ==> Nabia works OK; dmesg is happy; applied the usual
apt-get update & apt-get upgrade without incident. Add/Remove Applications is functional. The Intel iwlwifi
intrusion is forever squelched. Icedove works with no adjustments needed at all.

Thank you Avron & Magic Banana !