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This might be interesting for some of you as well:


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"Items marked with an asterisk (*) require a closed-source firmware blob, but the system is functional and bootable without the blob. "

"Freescale iMX6 CPU :
Vivante GC2000 OpenGL ES2.0 GPU, 200Mtri/s, 1Gpix/s (*)"

"Internal ports & sensors:
header for optional AW-NU137 wifi module (*)"

This might be interesting but alas it does not seems to be completely freedom friendly.


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I don't see a truly freedom friendly solution around the corner. There are lots of projects out are doing *something*. The problem is the components that every company has to work with. If there is nobody with a free software friendly GPU you can't integrate a free software friendly GPU. In other cases you could although then the BIOS can't be free'd. You have to team up with whomever owns one of the components in the stack which you would like to use or otherwise reverse engineer it to produce a driver.

We need to work developing businesses to support such projects. You don't want to create a problem of competing with yourself though or the margin ends up not being able to support the project(s).