OpenBSD blobs

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A while ago there was this topic:

I don't want to argue about the licenses. But about the technical aspect.

On it says:

That this blobbed microcode/firmware is a problem for openness, that I can understand. There is no point having a super secure OS if the hardware is already compromised. No matter what OS.

And this:
"by default a script will download more at first boot, without informing the user of this."
Well what dos this code exactly do? "Update firmware"? I guess is updates to the latest firmware by downloading new firmware from the internet?
It doesn't exactly state -what- is downloaded and from -where-. Anybody knows?

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Go read that script (/usr/sbin/fw_update) and see what it does. I took a look at it seems to grab stuff from

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^^ It does exactly this.