Port Libreboot or no?

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I'm learning programming and I want to port free firmwares to my laptop after learning Assembler/C++. But do we need ported Libreboot? Or we must make own Coreboot version without blobs? Or new BIOS from scratch?
P. S. Is Libreboot GUI based on GNU GRUB? Can I use another images (not only GNU)?


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I'm sure if you were interested in helping to port Libreboot to other systems many people would be appreciative. I have a X200 with Libreboot installed and I love it, but unfortunately it's just a bit slow for work, so I have a X1 Carbon that I use more regularly. If Libreboot (or even Coreboot) was available for the X1 I would use it in a heartbeat.

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I want to make free firmwares for webcams, HDDs too.
All parts of PC must be free. Otherwise the Internet must be destroyed FOR USERS FREEDOM. We must CRACK all computers with non-free software, delete this software and replace it with free software.

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Please stop with this terrorism cracker action that are in your movie in your mind
This is not the way to promote and understand the FSF principles.

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stas730, I know you have a lot of energy and passion for free software. Have you considered contributing to an existing project instead of coming up with your own?

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I'm not a troll. WE CAN DESTROY THE INTERNET, IT IS NOT A JOKE but I not planning to make/run this worm (now).
Internet is harmful now. Computers are evil. We must destroy all non-free software and replace these software by free. FREE FIRMWARES NEEDED.
Digital freedom or digital death FOR EVERYONE.
P. S. Destroying the Internet means destroying all data (including firmwares) on all possible computers.
P. P. S. Do not try to digitise life. Otherwise we must destroy the Internet anyway to save the world.
P. P. S. I NEED A FREE COMPUTER. Internet will be good if all software will be free.
I will make a computer game with my idea of worm. Game license will be GNU GPL 3 and worm idea is public domain.
Maybe, I will not post more info about this.
EOM (End of Message) :)

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OK :)

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I think it's non-free Flash game. :(

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Why don't you just buy a computer with libreboot and use that? If you browse the internet with IceCat or Abrowser with javascript disabled, you will not run any non-free software. I am highly sceptical that "destroying the internet" would be doable for one person and besides, what good would that do anyway?

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About destroying the Internet — we can destroy spying and (non-free) software.

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Yes, we can, but forcing it on people by means of breaking in on their computers is not the way to do it. Also, you know there are computers with which are not connected to the internet, right? Some companies use intranets so confidential information cannot be accidentally released into the public, other people just don't have an internet connection or deliberately don't connect their computers to the internet. Your idea is heavily flawed and overall a terrible one.