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Jonathan Matt Gresham
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I once wrote a literary analysis of a guest essay for the New York
Times. The guest essay was written by Nadia Rawlinson and explained that
back in 2015-2022 era people were losing their tech jobs being laid off
etc. I naively blamed this on an "hypnotic" stock market affected by the
products created by the companies that Nadia talked about like X or
Twitter, Alphabet and Meta because of less-than-ideal IPO environments
involved with socialization that produced platforms of suggestion like
Facebook and Twitter themselves. "Virtual reality" just looks like a
symptom of that.

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I have heard similar things that the Zuckerberg Metaverse is doomed to fail, Meta is loosing money.
But the GNU Metaverse is different, it has to respect user freedom, even if it does not exist yet.

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Matrix chat is open and you can now connect using vlc:!

Stream is starting now