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Narcis Garcia
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El 3/10/19 a les 7:12, Caleb Herbert ha escrit:
> How do I keep youtube-dl up to date? I need to download a channel for
> offline viewing..

In other OS distributions I use python-pip to get up-to-date version of
BUT: pip searches and installs from the PyPi repository. This repository
contains proprietary software. Since Trisquel can't control what goes
into the PyPi repository, the only solution was to remove pip from

An alternative to pip tool is to manually download package.tar.gz from:

# Supposing your package has been downloaded to your Downloads folder:
$ sudo apt install python-setuptools python3-setuptools
$ cd "$(xdg-user-dir DOWNLOAD)"
$ sudo rm -fr "$(ls -Fd youtube_dl-*/ 2>/dev/null)"
$ tar xf youtube_dl-*.tar.gz
$ cd "$(ls -Fd youtube_dl-*/)"
$ chmod +x
$ python ./ build
$ sudo python ./ install

The best desirable situation is to have a pip-like tool that excludes
proprietary software from searches and downloads.

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i use guix package manager for software id like to keep up to date on a rolling basis.


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You can install youtube-dl without pip (just make sure you remove the package from the repos beforehand and that you have a suitable version of python installed):

sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

More installation instructions can be found here:

(pip is useful for installing and updating packages with dependencies - fortunately youtube-dl only depends on python.)