reading epub and mobi files on Trisquel

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I just found all four novels of the Fall Revolution series by Ken Macleod for download (, two books to a file, with versions in .epub format, which I've struggled to open on GNU/Linux before, and .mobi format. I've read 3 out of the 4, and they're excellent. I can't wait to read 'The Sky Road'. Has anyone here had any luck reading ebooks on Trisquel on .epub or .mobi before? If they are inherently bad for some reason (eg DRM built in), what is the best ebook format to use for reading books on Trisquel?


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my favorite pdf reader is *evince* and my favorite epub and mobi reader is *fbreader*.

I am pretty sure it's in the repos:
sudo apt-get install fbreader

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Atril supports ePub since MATE 1.10.

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Just to add that effectively fbreader is in the repos, and that Okular (also in the repos) also works fine with epub format (after install also okular-extra-backends), !

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I just checked that Sky Road thing and it reads fine in both fbreader and okular.

For okular to eat .mobi I had to also install the kdegraphics-mobipocket package.