Reduce Title bar height

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Please help me reduce the title bar height of all windows. I tried, but could not find any option for it in dconf editor. I tried reducing the font size of title, but it did not change the height of the bar.

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Someone solved the same question here:

I'm not sure what the default theme is under Toutatis. Maybe Clearlooks or ClearlooksClassic from memory of Brigantia.

If you are going to edit a config file in GNU/Linux I recommend doing something like this.

# cp name-of-CONFIG-FILE name-of-CONFIG-FILE.orig

That way if things don't work or something else breaks, you can

# cp name-of-CONFIG-FILE.orig name-of-CONFIG-FILE

to revert back to the original settings before you changed anything.

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Thanks for replying.
I am using 'Trisquel' named theme.
The 'title_vertical_pad' is already set to 0 under (frame_geometry name="normal"..)
It was set to 2 & 4 under (frame_geometry name="normal-maximized"...) & (frame_geometry name="utility"..)
I set them both to 0.
Rebooted, but no change in Title bar height.