The screen freezes after a few minutes upon booting into a graphical environment

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Greetings, comrades.
Writing on behalf of my pal.

I have just installed Trisquel GNU/Linux, but there is an issue...
The screen freezes while in the graphical environment.

The swap partition is present, and it is about 9 GB in size. I tried to install ubuntu first,
but it had the same problem, and there was an error message at the
console, stating: "nouveau: could not load firmware". One my pal browsed
h-node and checked if my hardware is compatible with free software,
then he recommended me Trisquel. It appears that Nvidia GeForce 210
is compatible with nouveau. When the installation had completed, I
played a video to test for possible freezings, and here we are again.
lspci output is in the attachments, the error is there too. I would
like to know if anyone else has ever encountered this issue.

Note: the nouveau error message was photographed when I still had
Ubuntu installed.

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I am not an expert but I think the error message that you see is unrelated to freeze.

I have a Geforce GT 710 and I also have freeze sometimes. Which version of Trisquel are you using? On my desktop, Trisquel 10 was difficult to use due to too frequent freeze, so I used Debian. With Trisquel 11, I still have freeze sometimes but less often, so I now use Trisquel 11 on my desktop.

You could try installing Trisquel 11 and see if it is better. However, I rarely play videos (I don't like videos) and I don't play any game (I am not interested), so if the problem is triggered by video playing and you like to play videos, this may not help.

Why the freeze happens? I have no idea. I asked on this forum before and provided details but it looks difficult to find the problem, no solution so far. At each freeze, I looked at /var/log/syslog, sometimes there is an error with nouveau, sometimes not.