Second monitor with WindowMaker

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I usually use WindowMaker that was installed on my computer with one monitor. Recently I bought a second monitor and the add it on my configuration. There is no problem with trisquel window manager but with wmaker the second monitor is black. I tried to set up via display in gnome-control-center without success.

Can you help me, any idea ?

Also I explained my problem on Freenode #windowmaker with xrandr --query as solution but nothing happends.

I'm surprised because I tried on debian jessy and it works.

Thanks for your answers.

kyamashita (not verified)

Can you post the output of xrandr --query when you're in Window Maker with the second monitor attached?

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What is the expected behavior that you want exactly? For example, I
don't have another monitor, but I see that some people might want one of
these behaviors:

a. Only one user involved. Half of the screen in first monitor, and
second half on the other, so that when the mouse or something else
reaches the edge of one of the screens, the other displayes the
reminder of the object.
b. Only one user involved. Each monitor with it's own desktop space (no
object splitting).
c. Two users involved. Each monitor for each user.

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Have you tried Arandr? It's a GUI front end to xrandr that gives you both drag and drop monitor manipulation and a command line that you can use to write your own scripts. I use it with Enlightenment, on Debian and GNewSense but I see that it's also packaged for Trisquel. I've also used Krandrtray and a much older version of Gnome's randr front end and, and have probably done so with Window Maker, so I'm not sure why this is not working for you.

The only thing that's tricky about Arandr, and GUI managers in general, is that you have to drag a monitor around to see the second monitor under it. Arandr starts up with the two monitors in the same place so one might hide the other. Krandrtray does not have this problem but you have to right click your way into things to activate the external screen.

A prior forum post,

A page with links to some of my own use of external monitors,

I'd like to see some screenshots of your success or failure. Best wishes and happy hacking.

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Heck, I'm not sure if this is particularly applicable, but on a non-Trisquel system I've used, I had the same problem.
Tooling around with xrandr for a while ended up being the solution-- the man page ("$ man xrandr") is very useful.

"$ xrandr" will show you the config of your screens currently--
one of the screens should be listed as "off" or "disabled."
Then run the command "$ xrandr --output [SCREEN] --auto" where [SCREEN] is the output previously listed as "off."
That might get everything up and running-- I hope one of our solutions gets your setuput working. Good luck, mate-o. :)