Sentient code: An inside look at Stephen Wolfram's utterly new, insanely ambitious computational paradigm

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Andres Muniz
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Hi, am I being paranoid or is this incredibly dangerous? I do not see any details of it being free (libre) software.

Sentient code: An inside look at Stephen Wolfram's utterly new, insanely ambitious computational paradigm via DuckDuckGo for Android
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Could you explain what about "sentient code" scares you?


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what G4JC said. and an easy to use programming language that is propietary in my mind seems worst than an easy to use tablet.

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OK, well, that's terrible. I'm skeptical of it causing something apocalyptic. Anyone who uses a language that only has a proprietary compiler or interpreter likely wasn't going to release their own source code. Other than that, unusually easy to use programming methods that happen to be based on proprietary software already exist; it's just that they're used for developing games.

If this language turns out to be extremely popular (in the way the aforementioned game development tools did), someone will end up working on a free replacement for it, just like any other popular proprietary software. It's not a new scary problem, but a part of the same old problem we're all familiar with.

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It appears to be an ever learning artificial intelligence streaming data from MANY different sources. Since this will be proprietary and under central control could mean this is a very dangerous super computer powered by many little computers all over the world. I could see this being easily abused.
Of course it actually fits in with Cisco's plan:
Internet of Things which is now..

Creepy stuff from proprietary hands just waiting to be used by future dictators. :P

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Well, I've got bad news for everyone...

Such type of immensely powerful artificial intelligence software, that you fear, used to access computers everywhere, and in the hands of future dictators, already exists... And, is already being used...

Ever wondered how is the global ATM machines network operated? And realized how powerful such a software has to be, in order to be capable of managing such a huge and constantly changing network, at such a quick speed?

It's a fork of a software not available to the general public, that started being developed in the 1980s, called P*OMIS (R instead of the *).

And, such software has, since, been modified for several purposes - including the surveillance of everyone's activity on the web, and access to everyone's computer connected to the Internet, independently of the OS used. (With the exception of Free Software OSs, I hope...)

Such software is also used to make the type of accurate predictions that are mentioned in that article, and at a much higher, complex and sophisticated level - like, in war games exercises, being able to accurately predict the outcome of the whole Battle of Waterloo, for example, when given the necessary data.

The reason why it's not mentioned in the mass media, is because it's supposed to be a secret. And, more than a 100 journalists have already died investigating it. Also, several people have reported having their computers' hard drives "wiped out" of all its data, when researching too much about this, on the web.

*Let me make this very clear... I'm not kidding about this. And, if you're curious to know more about this subject, you should be very careful from where you research about it, and to which length you are willing to go...*

There was a former FSB/KGB agent who recently wrote a book about it, disguised as a novel, so that he doesn't also get instantly killed for exposing this, that was already translated to English. And, in which 80% of what is said in that novel is actually true.

I'll leave here some links about this, some of which you'll have to translate from Spanish.

And, returning to what I first said about this...

If you're wondering where did the "in the hands of future dictators" part of my second phrase came from... One other thing that this same author - and others, who also know about the existence of this software - has - and have - repeatedly warned people about (and, that the well informed part of the Western population already knows about - is that the people who are using such software, and its derivatives, plan to get rid of this recent phenomenon, in human history, called "Democracy"...

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I've decided that this information was important enough to create a new thread, of its own, about it - so, I think that the best thing to do, in case anyone wants to comment about the software that I've just mentioned, is to do it in the recently created thread about it...

(Thank you.)