Six Month Anniversary of Install

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tunefs -l /dev/sdb1 | grep 'Filesystem created:'
Filesystem created: Thu Nov 6 22:31:11 2014

So far, things have been going well. This is a reinstall of 6.0LTS that I've kept up to date after upgrading my prior 6.0 install to 7.0 and losing high definition screen resolution which I couldn't seem to get back.

About the only thing that seems to have stopped working is the GUI interface Update Manager which for some reason seems to go gray and hang if you try and download/install the updates it finds. If you check and it finds no updates then you can exit out of it without a problem. Not sure what the cause of this is.

I've gotten around this by using apt from the command line.

Still, this the most consistent, stable installation of any OS that I've ever had since back in the days when I used to use Macs.

Looking forward to the next six months.

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I have said this many times before and I will say it again. Apart from the whole Freedom aspect, Trisquel is one of the easiest and most stable operating systems I have ever used.

I do think that part of this is purely down to the Free software nature of the product. Without a single proprietary piece in it, there is no hidden code that can intentional/unintentionally to mess with any other part. No bugs that cannot be crushed.

My install of t& is probably only a little bit older than yours but I'm in the same boat of not having any issues.


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The Update Manager issue can easily be fixed. Read all about it here: (I linked to the specific comment that contains the two simple steps to fix it, but I recommend reading the whole thing.)

Trisquel 7 is great—but so is Trisquel 6! I have also stayed on version 6 on my older laptop. It works great.

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Well, it seemed to have taken the patch...

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. After reading the (long) Radeon screen resolution thread, it looks like I'll be running 6.0 LTS for the duration.