software-updater trashed nabia

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The attached Screenshot-09012022.png illustrates what happened when I tried to load
Trisquel_10 (nabia) from a Live DVD.
Later on I managed to install Trisquel_10 onto a different Thinkpad (T420 instead
of T430, but when Software Updater asked to download the customary 86 MB+/- from
the repository, the system went through the usual process of downloading & installing
software. However, this time, upon executing the mandatory restart, the GRUB menu
appeared as usual, I selected the correct menu item, but then the system went to
black-screen mode. The first time this happened, I lost patience and forced a shutdown.
The second time I waited over an hour, but there was no progress.
The second Screenshot-09012022B.png shows what happened on trying the Live Trisquel_10 DVD
a second time. After that I reverted to the Live Trisquel_10 Flash drive.

I'll now try the Live Trisquel_10 Flash drive with the inoperative Thinkpad T430.

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No screenshots attached?

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Geshmy wonders where the screenshots are ...
They were "uploaded" from a Live Trisquel_10 session and flew North for the Winter
when that session was closed. However, their original files are residing in an 8GB
memory chip that the present Thinkpad T430 is ignoring. I think they're retrievable.

After appropriate retrieval and re-editing, here they are:

ScreenShot-A-09012022.png ScreenShot-B-09012022.png

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Could it be a faulty disk?

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Aerk74 wonders whether there's a bad disk ...

What I did to bring the T430 back to life was:
(1) Re-install Trisquel_10 from the Live-DVD.
(2) Run apt-get update & apt-get upgrade instead of Software-updater.
(3) Restart the 'puter.
(4) When Software-updater pops up, allow it to do its thing.
(5) Restart the 'puter as directed by Software-updater.