Thunderbird install instead of IceDove on Trisquel8

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I have Icedove installed in my Trisquel8 system. But it seems:
- Icedove is not the latest one - 52.9.1 version from Trisquel8 repository seems to be over a year old?
I am worried for security updates - is our mail client patched for security?
- IceDove is no longer necessary, since licensing problem was apparently resolved with Thunderbird:

But when I try simply

sudo apt-get install thunderbird
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Note, selecting 'icedove' instead of 'thunderbird'
icedove is already the newest version (1:52.9.1+build3-0ubuntu0.16.04.1+8.0trisquel1).

So my question - is there more secure to install Thunderbird mail client over current Icedove in Trisquel8? And how one does install Thunderbird?

Thank you

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Get Ubuntu's package and install with gdebi or dpkg.

Or download a tarball from the official page.

Debian's deb should work the same.

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In case of derivatives of Debian, Firefox branding can be used as long as the patches applied are in the same category as described above. Ubuntu having a different packaging, this does not apply to that distribution.

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So it's still non-free? It seems to be the case, since still redirects to .