Time to renew website cert?

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Abrowser says trisquel.info's cert for https expired today. Had to accept the risk to get here.


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Fixed, thanks.

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Maybe not fixed completely ...

Today I tried to install whois, but the download stalled.

Thinking that it was a problem with the terminal, I tried installing
a different terminal. When that also stalled, I realized it was the
trisquel mirror, so I changed the Software & Updates source from
mirror.fsf.org to ocf.berkeley.edu/trisquel, whereupon whois was
downloaded promptly.

George Langford

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Be careful. There are scammers trying to fool us.
I got one from (dig -x resolves that IPv4 to esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com).
(envelope-from <name at domain>) Lots of detail; seemed official until I looked
at the headers.

It started out like this:
AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for “amenex.com”.

Try a Google search on "esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com" and you'll see a long history
of scams.

George Langford

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>Try a Google search on "esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com" and you'll see a long history
of scams.
I couldn't really verify that but see:
says, "Note: The domain iphmx.com is managed by Cisco. Because of that, only Cisco can add/remove/modify DNS records for that domain like the record above." It looks like esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com is a server providing services for Cisco's "Cisco Cloud Email Security."

>AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for “amenex.com”.
You can see they have 'retired', https://amenex.com/.

checking here: https://trisquel.info/mirmon/index.html
wget https://mirror.fsf.org/trisquel/README.html
--2021-03-01 09:10:37-- https://mirror.fsf.org/trisquel/README.html
Resolving mirror.fsf.org (mirror.fsf.org)..., 2001:470:142:4::c
Connecting to mirror.fsf.org (mirror.fsf.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 3993 (3.9K) [text/html]
Saving to: ‘README.html’

README.html 100%[===================>] 3.90K --.-KB/s in 0s

2021-03-01 09:10:38 (38.7 MB/s) - ‘README.html’ saved [3993/3993]
Looks like that mirror should be OK now.

I have also experienced outages with mirrors in the past. It always gets resolved. Maybe the server was down for maintenance or something.

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Thanks to Geshmy for the analytical comments.

A further explanation is in order. After my last subscription renewal to the spamcop.net
spam-referral services, those services were abruptly cancelled. No refund, but years later
when I complained of tiresome forwarding of spammacious replies to old reports, they
graciously stopped that procedure.

Nowadays, every so often I get spam tenaciously related to spamcop.net that has a forged
addressee of name at domain, which I dare not block, as that was my principal address
at the now-liquidated company that I served in with a business partner for 31 years. The
amenex.com domain name, all that's now remaining, was folded into my principal domain
to protect it from malicious domain squatters. It's now a honey pot for old spamcop.net
spam that was initiated by my overzealous reporting of spam to the sources' webmasters.

The real Cpanel website is quite satisfied with amenex.com's secure status.

George Langford