Transitioning to CWM

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I mostly just use a terminal and Abrowser these days. I'd like to transition from MATE to CWM (package "openbsd-cwm").

Things I need:

* Wi-Fi applet
* battery indicator
* volume control
* clock
* MATE lock screen (switch user)
* IBus input methods
* Compose key on Caps Lock

What packages should I use? I know the package "polybar" can accomplish a lot of this, but I'm not familiar with its configuration.

I notice xterm treats the Alt key as a Compose key. There is no way to get it to act like actual Alt.

Ideally I would like to use Hikari (CWM-inspired Wayland compositor) or Sway, but I know that won't work well with LightDM, Trisquel's session manager, and I'd like to keep Trisquel's session management entirely intact, including on lock screen. User switching is very important to me.


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I don't have the configuration with me now (I may have deleted it, need to see if I saved it) but with dwm, I used nm-applet, cbatticon,, xclock, and I could run ibus but I can't remember how it was started.

When I ran another wm, lxsession-logout worked to switch user, lock the screen or suspend.

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volumeicon is always useful.


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So far, I'm doing fine without a system tray.

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Isn't it possible to map Compose key with 'setxkbmap'? Something like this maybe:
setxkbmap -layout "us" -option "altwin:meta_alt,compose:caps"