Trisquel 3.0 STS Dwyn reaches end of life, 3.5 soon to follow.

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The 3.0 Dwyn release is no longer supported as per today 2011-05-11.

We urge any remaining users of this version to upgrade to 3.5 -and from
it to 4.0- as soon as possible, since due to delays 3.5 should be
end-of-life too. We will put 3.5 into end of life in a month from now.

All binary packages (deb files) for 3.0 have been removed from our
repositories and mirrors. The source code for those binaries will
continue to be accessible at

On other news, development packages for 5.0 will soon be available.

Please translate this note into the other forums/lists.


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Looking forward to 5.0! Thanks for the notification.