Trisquel 3.0.1 - Non-Free Drivers on LiveCD?

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I was in the process of repartitioning my hard-drive and installing
Trisquel, when I came across something rather odd with the repositories.
There is, by default, a 'restricted' repository available which contains
non-free drivers - the Broadcom STA wireless driver, and a SmartLink modem
driver. So can anyone share some insight into this? Was it something that
was just overlooked? Are they included on purpose? Are they only available
for the liveCD and not a regular installation? I'm mostly just curious here,
I know Trisquel is prided on being 100% libre and free, and to include
restricted drivers like this seems to be out of line for the goals of the

My sources.list from the liveCD:

Screenshot of repository info in Synaptic:

I'd appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!
- Steve


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> Are they included on purpose?

Those non-free packages (bcmwl-kernel-source and sl-modem-daemon) are
not available in our repository, nor they are installed in the live CD.

> My sources.list from the liveCD:

There is a strange line in your sources.list:

deb cdrom:[Trisquel 3.0.1 _Dwyn_]/.Trash-1000/files/ karmic main

Any clue on how this line went into your config? It certainly isn't
part of the Trisquel configuration. In any case, the offending files
must be in your local CD, which is not an official Trisquel image -as
we never worked with karmic and the path is for a trash bin-.
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