Trisquel 4.0 browser spell checking

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Does anyone know how to enable spell checking in the browser for the beta? Trisquel 3.5 came with whatever is needed for it, but the 4.0 beta doesn't seem to have it.

Also, I think it'd be better to go with no flash plugin and allow the user to select either gnash or swfdec. Gnash is terrible currently.


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Install the English dictionary in the browser:

Not including a flash plugin might convince the novice user that no flash solution whatsoever exists in our distro, if he doesn't bother to check. The latest version of Gnash plays flash quite well, in my experience. Perhaps swfdec still handles SWF 8 and SWF 9 better in some cases. In any case, swfdec's development has ceased. Gnash is an FSF-funded high-priority project and is going to continue to rapidly advance.