Trisquel: First Impressions

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Hi, I'm new to Trisquel and this forum. I moved from Windows to Linux Mint a few months ago, and finally got around to trying out the Trisquel distro that was on a free cover disc.

I had a problem with the screen resolution (I couldn't change it) which made using the system difficult, and it turned out that the distro on the cover disc was 32-bit so I proceeded to download and install the 64-bit version. This caused a total freeze (kernel panic - no keyboard etc) on rebooting, so I searched the forum.

I found the solution posted by malberts in the Screen Resolution topic (I don't know why this topic was locked), but it involved upgrading the kernel so I left it for a bit because I've never done things like that. I eventually came back to it and followed the steps given by malberts, and it worked! Now I have the correct screen resolution and no kernel panic, and I am very impressed with the desktop environment. I will try using it for software development, and see how it goes.

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Cool! Welcome :)