Typos in the Trisquel installer; What is its package helper name?

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There are some typos in the Trisquel installer. English is not my first language so correct me if I am wrong.

WRONG: ... will show you a selection of the over **20.000** packages ...
CORRECT: 20,000

WRONG: ... 20,000 packages ... all of them free as in free speech.
CORRECT: all of them **are** free
REASON: "are" refers to packages.

I am aware of "package helpers" but what is the package helper's name of the installer?

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The decimal point in the number twenty-thousand is a regional thing. In the United States where I live, we use a comma, but many (if not all) places in Europe use a period.

The second one you mentioned is already correct in the original. The grammar is a bit weird, I agree. Even as a native English speaker I can't really explain it, but it is correct.

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Not in the UK! Where I live!

davidnotcoulthard (not verified)

"In the United States where I live, we use a comma, but many (if not all) places in Europe use a period."

It's in English and for some reason its users use "." to show decimals and "," for thousands (I think it also goes for the UK so I'd say it depends more on language than region). Since the installer's written in English, I think it should be 20,000 , even though I'm much more familiar with 20.000 (must be the Nederlanders).

Or just call it 20000!

Regarding the absence of the word are, I think it's perfectly fine. That's just me, though.

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"20.000" means "20 + 0/1000" in English, "20000" in some European
languages. "20,000" is Polish for "20 + 0/1000", the same might be in
other European languages. It might also mean "20 and 000" as two
numbers. (I haven't checked how many packages there really are.)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_mark#Digit_grouping suggests thin
spaces being more portable (they are   in HTML).

The package containing this text is ubiquity-slideshow-trisquel in
trisquel-packages.git, it's not a modified Ubuntu package (using a
helper). The file is at [0].

[0] http://devel.trisquel.info/gitweb/?p=trisquel-packages.git;a=blob;f=extra/ubiquity-slideshow-trisquel/data/usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/welcome.html;h=8b0c6acff602f9...

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I think it's so silly we still have different conventions. Of course we had originally invented different ways to mark and measure things when there was little communication but this is 2014, interwebs and all.

Furlongs and fortnights, driving on the left, pounds and feet...