Upgrading Trisquel in a live CD

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By every time my Parabola system has experienced errors before entering my graphical shell I always remember my live ISO, running pacstrap and arch-chroot commands, under them full upgrading my whole system, and finally my Parabola system is recovered.
For deb systems, like Trisquel, Debian, Devuan, what are the possible commands correspondent to pacstrap and arch-chroot, to help to rescue my deb systems?
I have already tested the chroot command which NetworkManager is not working at all, even reinstalling NetworkManager packages in dpkg not working, which I need to look for the possibly alternative commands which are surely working.

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Arch-chroot and pacstrap are scripts, so for a deb system arch-chroot will work. Pacstrap runs pacman, so of course it won't, and idk the deb alternative :S

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/removed, my advice previously posted might not work anymore.