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However I like shopping incognito and paying with cash, credit cards and web shopping are very convenient and at times even necessary. How can one do that and only reveal information to the web shop about to who they should send which product, and to the payment service about to who they should transfer how much of my money?

Often, a necessary step prior to actual shopping is windows shopping. But I personally don't think either the web shop or any sniffer on the line deserves information about my desires, needs and habits. I mostly search and browse products and services with javascript off and httpseverywhere on and sometimes by use of the Tor Browser. Afterwards, I go directly to that product's or service's page and turn on necessary javascripts from there.

But is isn't there a better way?

Q) Would it make sense to use Tor Browser (TB) all the way?

I know that it generally does not make sense to identify yourself when using TB, but no matter what, in this case I will have to identify myself to the web shop and the payment service (e.g. Visa).

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GNU Taler can provide anonymity to the buyer: https://gnutaler.org (see, e.g., one of the videos at the bottom of the page). Combined with Tor and with delivery to an associated point of sale (or indicate the address of a nearby friend or relative), pretty good privacy is reachable.

Of course, the Web shop must first decide to integrate that payment system...

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Most unfortunate I am talking about shopping from 'ordinary' web shops, i.e. with no consideration of privacy issues.

For instance I an right now looking at a router, a wifi card etc via ebay. I don't particularly want to support ebay, and I definitely don't wish to let their homepage sniff from my computer and unnecessary information from my buy, but I can't find these thing in other places or they are quite expensive.

So, here is a case: For buying from ebay, what would be the least self-damaging procedure?

So far I have searched for the items via Tor Browser. Now I have decided and want to do the actual purchase. What I was/am considering is to copy the link of that particular item on ebay, paste it into abrowser and allow one javascript at the time, just enough to make ordering and payment possible.

How dumb is that?