What academic computing journal can be recommended for free computing articles?

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What peer reviewed academic computing journal(s) can be recommended for free conmputing enthusiasts, for articles whether technical or philosophical/sociological, and/or perhaps legal/ethical?

Thanks for any of your suggestions, especially when giving/explaining your reasons.

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I was thinking maybe LibrePlanet conference might produce a conference proceedings which might act as a kind of journal but I can't find such a thing. I see they put their conference talks online as video which is great... I must get round to watching some of them...

Surely some of you academics out there in the Trisquel / FOSS world have one or many journals for free software academic papers?

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Here is my take on your question:

1. what makes any piece of software "libre" is its license. So "journals for free software academic papers" must be journals in the field of contract law. I am not familiar at all with the academic field of law but I am sure that you will be able to find a bunch of articles about "open-source" and "free" software in the form of studies of their respective licenses. You might also find helpful resources on the license editor's website.

2. some pieces of software embody technologies which have been studied as such, often by the developers of that software but not necessarily. As an example, you can find many papers about peer-to-peer networking tools, DHTs and how to optimize them. I have read a few of them in a previous life, so if you are interested I could try to unearth them and send you the references to the computer science journals they were published in.*

3. you mention conference proceedings. As a rule, I think this is where you might find what you are looking for. You might identify a few experts on the specific topics you are interested in, visit their website and browse their "links" section.

Hope it helps.

*EDIT: it appears the papers I mention had not been published in peer-reviewed journals, at least at the time I downloaded them. They point to their UC Berkeley and NY University authors and refer mostly to ACM NSDI and SOSP proceedings.