Trisquel 7 Beta Issues - 31 Aug 2014 ISO

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Guys I install Trisquel 7 a week ago and I am facing a few issues which are as follows:

1) When you purge Icecat why cannot you reinstall it, also why is it not in the repo?

2) Are we dropping Abrowser for GNU Icecat ? If not then why isn't it installed by default ? Cannot we keep an option to Install Icecat if we require extra privacy etc.

3) The idea of Tor in Private Browsing just sucks are the version of Tor provided by the distro is usually older and is not recommended by Tor Project itself also it would install tor and run it as a service for everyone, even for people who do not require it at all ( also it is misleading log free private browsing, as sometimes tor node might even mess up their web services as most of the tor nodes are Spam-zone.

4) I cannot remove any items just add them from the taskbar ( Panel in the bottom ) Kindly fix it


Mon, 09/08/2014 - 00:17

I had a go for an evening off and on. Feeling are important with impressions and I want this to work so bad. Cairo gave me shit lost bottom of desktop. Terminal is not nice in white so i put guake on. Would like more workspaces I am used to four. I would like it more Xfce desktop, But it encrypted the hard drive just how I wanted and I can live with that. I think with familiarity taking time the hopes that this is a Kosher , Ethical, secure system is worth the wait. Please anyone out there you are doing a great job thank you to you all. release it when its stable with all its roughness gone. I don't mind how it looked I thought it was very acceptable.
Looking forward to the release.

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 03:41
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1) Icecat is now in the repos.

2) Trisquel 7 is in beta and not fully formed. The intention is when it ships Icecat will be the default browser.

3) Tor in private mode is now selectable with a simple checkbox on about:icecat the default homepage. The Trisquel BDFL/primary developer is also an Icecat developer. So assuming the Tor version will lag might not be correct as Abrowser which was all his work tracked the upstream Firefox releases.

4) I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. You can add and remove items from the panel with Left Alt+Right-Click. And add and remove things from the menu by Right-Click on the button and select Edit Menu from the popup. Finding the right part of the panel to click to remove things like the Window List is a bit tricky but can be done with a bit of experimentation.

If you meant something else by #4 please explain in detail what you mean.

@richardgg Thanks for the compliments. As of now Terminal is White on Black by default and changeable by modifying the profile or creating a custom one. Workspaces default to four and are customisable if you add the Workspace Switcher applet to the panel. Cairo seems to behaving on my machines.

And lastly both, one bug per issue please. They become unmanageable spaghetti otherwise.