Blank screen / screen corruption during netinst

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The net installer crashes shortly after completing tasksel's work.

To reproduce:

boot into netinstall
select either install method (command line is faster for testing)
configure a system
endless black screen

This black screen (when using the normal installation method) happens after selecting what software to install and after that software is installed.

My guess is that it is attempting to install GRUB on /dev/sda which is the installation medium in my case. For some reason, the internal (primary) HDD is /dev/sdb. On a previous installation, I was able to specify which drive to install GRUB to, but this time around, I was not prompted, and it crashed instead.

Fix netinstall to ask which drive to install GRUB to instead of failing out.

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 00:46
Title:Netinstall Crashes» Blank screen / screen corruption during netinst
Assigned to:anonymous» leny2010

I can confirm this on two Intel Atom netbooks using both amd64 and i386 20140831 beta isos. If you do a Ctrl-Alt-F2 the second console appears correctly. Going back to the first console with Ctrl-Alt-F1 produces a corrupt screen where the normal contents of the screen are compressed into an unintelligible top 0.25-0.33 of the screen.

I didn't get this problem with a netinst under QEMU, but I'm unsure of the iso in question's date.

I'm assigning myself to this issue to indicate I'm doing further investigation - not to create an exclusive lock.

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 07:45
Assigned to:leny2010» anonymous
Status:active» needs more info

I've done two netinst installs, i386 and amd64 on one of the netbooks and cannot recreate the problem. I assume that the maintenance and patches which have been going into the repos over the weekend since I first tested the problem have fixed it.

@2mac please retest is you can. This will go into 'fixed' status shortly which gives you a window to say the problem still exists if it does for you.