Kmail localization makes inbox disappear

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The title says it all.

If you click on the inbox, it gets translated (but not before), and if you download your emails after doing so, Kmail will either report an error or will remove that folder (and in this case, if you persist on downloading the emails, it'll show an information box saying that the inbox folder was removed).

Perhaps I got the details in the wrong order, but I also found the workaround for this problem...

Workaround: Close Kmail, open it agaoin, click on your inbox (by now it'll get translated), go to Configurations, Kmail configurations, Accounts tab, select your account from the respective mail server, modify/edit it, go to Advanced tab, in Destination/target folder, select the translated inbox name, and then apply the changes.

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Sun, 12/14/2014 - 01:17
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