SQLite Database Browser package is only at 2.0b1

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The version of SQLite Database Browser in the repositories is only at Version 2.0b1. This version appears to have been released back in 2009.

Looking at their GitHub page (https://github.com/sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser), it appears that the project (albeit now under a slightly different name) is up to v3.7.0 as of June this year.

Is there any reason this package hasn't been updated in such a long time? v2.0b1 basically gets the job done but it's quite clunky to use and a bit buggy (e.g. if I attempt to run incorrect SQL in its "Execute SQL" tab the entire application hangs).

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Wed, 11/18/2015 - 16:19
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The sqlitebrowser package in Belenos is from the Debian Wheezy upstream who select for *stability* of package, which can lead to older software.

Ubuntu Wily features 3.5.1 which means it or later will feature in the next Trisquel full release built on Ubuntu 16.04 (not the upcoming 7.1). Therefore I'm postponing the resolution of this issue until the next full Trisquel LTS release.