Since most users have fast Internet connection it is a good idea to use peer-to-peer technologies for package management. It could be faster if a lot of Trisquel users use it, it will not load Trisquel servers.

First of all you should install apt-p2p:

sudo apt-get install apt-p2p
Next step you may wish to reconfigure it:
sudo nano /etc/apt-p2p/apt-p2p.conf
Here you can, for example, change the port it will listen on and switch to DHT-only mode. If you are behind the firewall — don't forget to open apt-p2p port (default is 9977) on it!

Then let us change apt config:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Replace every "http://" to "http://localhost:9977/". After this you can use your apt-get over the p2p. Do not forget to update:
sudo apt-get update
First indexing will be quite slow.


01/24/2012 - 15:37