Change the user interface fonts

If you don't like the default user interface fonts, you can change them.

  • Open the System Settings.

Trisquel Menu with System Settings selected

  • Open the Tweak Tool.

System Settings window

  • Click on "Fonts".

Advanced Settings window

  • Now, click on the font you want to change.

Fonts window

  • You can change the font and the size in this window. When you are done, press Select.

Font Selection window

Default Fonts

If you changed the fonts, and you want to restore them back to default, here are the default fonts, settings, and sizes.

Text scaling factor: 1.0


Default font: Sans, size 8

Document font: Serif, size 10

Monospace font: Monospace Bold, size 9

Window title font:Cantarell Bold, size 11

Hinting: Slight

Antialiasing: Rgba

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12/17/2013 - 23:17
07/16/2016 - 11:13