Community member mYself has posted about these computers. It involves swapping parts (wifi?). Here is his info:

The Chromebook Pixel is one of the most freedom-friendly computers currently available on the market (verify). It comes with a free BIOS, and free software friendly wifi card and GPU (verify).

Chromebooks are one of the few commercially available computers that ship with Coreboot. The Chromebooks' Coreboot is blobbed --it contains proprietary software--, because Intel doesn't want to release source code for their microcodes). Read on:

Here are the instructions on how to install GNU/Linux on the Chromebook Pixel, if you decide to buy from Google.

Question: are all Chromebooks free-software-friendly? For each model -- what works, and what doesn't work?

Free Software compatible laptop?

coreboot and SeaBIOS

x86 models only; Trisquel does not support ARM processors

Although Google has done some good things for the free software community [cite], they distribute proprietary software, and promote services-as-a-substitute-for-software, not to mention the numerous privacy concerns that Google has raised.


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